Dem Primary:"Look! A Billionaire vs. a Socialist!"

Democrats in 2019, to beat Trump in 2020: "Biden or Warren?" Biden, according to polls, beats Trump by the largest margin, especially in crucial swing states. Warren, however, is more liberal, intellectual, younger, has excellent grasp of policy and many plans, appeals to women, would be our first female president. . . also competitive with … Continue reading Dem Primary:"Look! A Billionaire vs. a Socialist!"

The Pacific Returns for 2020

After a long retreat, a deep ebb tide of silence, the Pacific blog returns to regular publication for this momentous political year. The Pacific will remain "a still small voice" in the vast ocean of digital detritus, providing discriminating readers with shorter prose pieces on politics, literature and religion, as well as the occasional original … Continue reading The Pacific Returns for 2020

John Bolton's Wars (a poem)

If Rudy* is a “hand grenade”*Why did Bolton* send his aideTo disarm the whole charadeWhile Bolton lounges in the shade? Well, that is how his wars are made:From the safety of Bolton's brain. Note: *Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of NYC serving as President Trump's personal attorney and covert diplomat in Ukraine. *John Bolton was the … Continue reading John Bolton's Wars (a poem)