Professor Jon Krosnick of Stanford University today released a survey of global warming opinion that covers most U.S. states. Results for Wisconsin can be found here, other states right here.

And here’s what the federal task force on climate change had to say about the data:

“This new report is crystal clear,” said Rep. Waxman.  “It shows that the vast majority of Americans – whether from red states or blue – understand that climate change is a growing danger.  Americans recognize that we have a moral obligation to protect the environment and an economic opportunity to develop the clean energy technologies of the future.  Americans are way ahead of Congress in listening to the scientists.”

Americans are also way ahead of the coal industry, apparently.

Unfortunately, only 6% of Wisconsinites say that global warming as an issue is “extremely important personally” and “likely to influence voting.” Is this what media-types call a “disconnect”?

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