This evening it seems fitting to offer a rebuttal to all the Wisconsin Assembly Republicans who spent a good part of yesterday passing blatantly rotten, anti-democratic bills. To top it all off, the compromise on the issue of issuing anti-abortion license plates was withdrawn by the Republicans at the last-minute because the Democrats proposed taking up a resolution to honor the victims, most of them children, of last year’s Sandy Hook, CT shooting and something to do with a Democrat’s tweet.

We in Wisconsin who do not live in a complete state of denial can only hope that the Senate, which passed the Sandy Hook shooting resolution last year by a unanimous vote, and/or Gov. Walker (hope is hopelessly optimistic) will spend less time policing social media on their smartphones and more time undoing what the Republican Assembly has done.

Dear reader, it will not take long to rebut what the Republican Assembly did yesterday. (It is, after all, Friday evening.) Suffice it to say that the most basic rights of our democracy– the right to vote (demanding voter ID or other documentation and controlling local poll hours) and the right in Wisconsin to recall plutocratic politicians and the right to protest (less access to the Penokee Hills mine site)– were made more difficult or impossible, while the unconstitutional right of the state to establish a religious license plate (the two groups behind Choose Life Wisconsin, which would receive money from sale of the plates to fund adoptions at their “crisis pregnancy centers”, have religious, specifically Christian, agendas) was advanced. Though Assembly Republicans did not vote to overturn the First Amendment, their bills and votes pretty much ignored its existence, including taking umbrage at a fellow Assemblyperson’s free speech Twittering as excuse to reject a compromise.

So there it is. I hope you have an undeniably nice weekend.

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