It has taken awhile, but Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Christian Schneider has finally written a column I can agree with, writing this week in support of allowing gay couples of either gender to adopt children together. Here Schneider reasons very well:

“Groups that push for traditional families maintain that a mother-and-father household is best for children and don’t want to give kids “less than the best.” But there are currently 1,129 children available for adoption in Wisconsin — they are the ones currently in non-optimal situations, not the ones who have two loving, “non-traditional” parents.

Further, LGBT people in Wisconsin are already adopting children; they are just doing so while being classified as “single”; allowing a second parent the same rights can only help those kids who already have been adopted. And if well-meaning family rights advocates want to, say, reduce abortions, why not provide mothers with a broader spectrum of adoption options to incentivize her to carry the baby to term?”

Based on those two paragraphs, I’m willing to let Schneider into the Progressive Club for a drink or two.

I take issue only with the final paragraph, which seems to me to duck a larger issue– gay marriage:

“In a recent interview with Bloomberg Television, Gov. Scott Walker said that with regard to gay rights, the laws strike a “good balance” in Wisconsin. It is unclear which legal rights gay couples could be granted that would swing the state into an “unhealthy balance,” but adoption rights aren’t among them.”

It’s quite clear, really, that Gov. Walker meant Wisconsin’s constitutional amendment that defines marriage as an exclusively heterosexual thing. What’s not clear is why Schneider is playing dumb. So I ask Schneider– if “two loving, ‘non-traditional’ parents” ought to have full adoption rights, why shouldn’t they also have a right to legal marriage in the eyes of the state?

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