A Cheesehead President? New poll says not likely

  • According to a new McClatchy-Marist Poll, former Alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is twice as likely as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to be chosen by Republicans and independents who lean Republican to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2016.
    English: Sarah Palin addressing the 2008 Repub...
    English: Sarah Palin addressing the 2008 Republican National Convention in Saint Paul (Photo credit: T toes CC, some rights reserved via Wikipedia)

    Palin received the support of 8% of those polled and Walker got 4%. Walker is probably Unintimidated  by these poll results, and is counting on his recently released book and many speaking engagements to bolster his popularity outside of Wisconsin.

    Former 2010 vice-presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan is favored at this point by 11% of Republican voters, far behind the leader–  New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie– at 18%.

    Christie also does well in a Hilary Clinton match-up, though Clinton holds a slight 48 to 45 lead. Against Ryan, Clinton wins 56 to 40, and Walker is off the chart.  Palin loses by 59 to 36.

    Scott Walker’s so-called “Cheesehead Revolution” seems to have melted down, at least at the national level, despite all the overwrought angst about the ACA website. Of course, much can happen over the next two years, but extreme conservatism of the Tea Party variety appears to be losing steam. Should Gov. Walker fail to win reelection next year, we can say that Wisconsin’s brand of cheese-headed conservatism did not age well. But even if Walker wins another term as governor, the nation as a whole looks likely to be spared Walker’s cheesy championing of wealth for the wealthy and woe for women and children, nature, public schools, health care, high-speed trains and the poor.

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