Speaker Boehner ends the “Tea Party”

House Speaker John Boehner finally spoke aloud what we progressives and most of the rest of the nation have been thinking for a while now, “Are you kidding me?” Boehner told off the conservative re-activists behind the “Tea Party”, saying they were “misleading their followers” and that they had “lost all credibility” by denouncing the latest federal budget deal.

Boehner is apparently weary of being one of their followers, which goes to show that there is hope for the changing of minds and the triumph of rationality. Of course, the “Tea Party” is right; it is a bad deal, especially for failing to pass the farm/food stamp bill and failing to extend unemployment benefits.  We are still spending far too much on defense, and we are not properly taxing the wealthy and Wall Street.

Cheer up, tea party think tankers. The party may be over, but the damage has been done, the poor will suffer more, and the hangover will last a good long time.

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