WI Sen. Ron Johnson Votes “Nay” on Extending Unemployment Benefits

Even though today’s failed Senate attempt to pass an emergency three-month extension of long-term unemployment insurance included a Republican provision to prevent millionaires (like Sen. Johnson) from receiving unemployment payments (millionaires receive unemployment?), Wisconsin’s Republican senator voted, along with 39 other Republican senators, to deny this money to 1.7 million truly desperate Americans. There were 191, 378 unemployed people, statistically, in Wisconsin in Dec. 2013.  The Senate failed by two votes to break a filibuster.

What, really, can one say about such heartlessness? Perhaps only that the median net worth of Senate Republicans is now $2.9 million, which trumps the median net worth of Democratic senators– $1.7 million. But at least the Democrats are trying to bail-out ordinary, needy people, in this case, rather than big corporations and other millionaires.

So– no more money for the long-term unemployed, an $8 billion reduction in food stamps, false spin on the real worth of the ACA, and more Republican threats to hold the nation hostage again by not passing  another rise in the debt ceiling. Republicans in Congress are sympathetic only to reducing debt, which is already reducing itself, and making life easier for millionaires, some of whom are them. For the rest of the nation, many of whom oddly keep voting for them, too many Republican representatives care not a tittle.

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