Friends of the Black River Forest Oppose Another Golf Course on the Lake Michigan Shore

A newly formed group of Wilson, WI residents called Friends of the Black River Forest has issued a press release on its website. The group is opposed to the proposed Kohler golf course on forested property the company owns along the Lake Michigan shore in Sheboygan County.

I previously wrote about the golf course proposal (it would be the fifth Kohler course in Sheboygan County) in my blog post called “Can’t See the Forest for the Tees . . . .”

In short, it seems a great waste of forest and shore to build yet another shrine to fertilized grass.

A petition against the golf course can be signed via the group’s website.

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  1. Thank you for the support. We are a group of concerned citizens from the Town of Wilson near Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Our website is Please visit our site and sign the petition to show your support for stopping this environmental catastrophe. We have many researched articles explaining the many reasons for our position. Thank you.


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