No Joke: Pres. Obama Sends WI Sen. Ron Johnson to the U.N.

Showing the nation that he still has a sense of humor, Pres. Obama nominated Wisconsin’s foreign policy firebrand , Sen. Ron Johnson, to attend the 69th United Nations General Assembly. Johnson, who is not a great fan of what the United Nations does, accepted graciously and issued a statement:  

“I intend to use this opportunity to gain insight on a wide range of important global issues.  This will help me do a better job for the people of Wisconsin on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Foreign Relations Committee.”

Perhaps his time in New York hob-knobbing with U.N. representatives from all over the world who don’t necessarily see the United States as God’s gift to the world will broaden the senator’s outlook. Or maybe not.

Still, Senator Johnson is likely to come in contact with people and ideas that may sharpen his mind– “Third World” people, the rights of women, or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, etc. (particularly Articles 1 , 2, and 30 which every war for every reason has violated.)

At the very least, Johnson could leave liberal New York with a better appreciation for the work of the United Nations, an organization even more crucial to the world as the U.S. prepares to eschew diplomacy and other forms of nonviolent resistance and take up arms again.

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