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If you think Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is running for reelection against Democratic challenger Mary Burke, you may be among those Wisconsin voters who “might not be as sharp as a knife.”  Yesterday we learned that Walker is really running against the mad liberals of Madison.

Here’s what Gov. Walker said in the City of Pewaukee, where he apparently assumes no angry liberals lurk:

 “There are a lot of people who love what we’ve done across the state. There are many people in Madison who are angry and they’re going to vote no matter what. We have got to make sure that people who love what we do understand they have to come out just as strong. If they do, we’ll win this election.”

Perhaps because the latest poll results are making him anxious and he’s not feeling the overwhelming love his policies were meant to produce, Walker is fixating on Mad City, as some call it, as the source of all his woes.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Madison is currently around 240,000. The population of Wisconsin is more than 5,700,000. If all of mad Madison votes for Burke (not likely) and just a fifth of the rest of loving, if somewhat dull, Wisconsin votes for Walker, he wins easily.

So it’s not really Madison liberals that Walker is afraid of. What Walker is afraid of is a far vaster rebellion now occurring throughout Wisconsin, a rebellion that by Nov. 4th might be large enough to topple his political ambitions. That and “complacency.” Walker is concerned that the people who love him may not love him enough to vote for him. “Complacency is the biggest challenge I have,” says the governor.

Personally, I think Scott Walker’s biggest challenge is his political history and his current policies, and I don’t even live in Madison. And let’s be honest: Walker has never been comfortable in our state Capital, surrounded by all those wild progressives he has tried hard to keep at bay. Voting him out of the burdens of governing there may be the best thing for all concerned.

Postscript: Nor does Gov. Walker consider that many in Wisconsin will vote for Mary Burke because they think she has a better grasp of the issues and better solutions, not because they are angry at him.

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