Rumple Oxbridge: “A Controversial Poem”

(Photo copyrightPublic Domain–U.S.)

By Rumple Oxbridge, a man of few and controversial words, a few of which rhyme

“Controversial” is a dodge that journalists use
to avoid the having to choose

a better, truer word like “kooky.”
To wit: “The law put forth by Sen. Crooky

that requires everyone to vote for him
is controversial. Support for it is slim.”

By which our reporter means
Crooky’s support is pretty much just him.

The editors then offer this:
“We applaud Crooky’s bold initiative

for it shows he’s thinking outside the box.
And though we have our doubts, the shock

of this idea may soon wear off. So let
the process take its course and let

the people decide: who are we to say that Crooky
is any more kooky

than the Democrat who gave his house and car
controversially to charity? ‘Bizzare,’

Crooky said at the time, though we did not agree
or disagree. What we endorse is harmony.”

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