It is gratifying to learn that our Congressional Democrats have enough votes in the Senate to forestall Republican attempts to squash the Iran deal or even force a presidential veto. Though it has taken awhile for some leading Democrats to find their voices (and political courage) on this issue, the final vote for support seems to be the correct way to go.

The Republican theory of foreign policy has become rather simplistic: issue ultimatums backed by a threat of war. This they regard as being less risky and more patriotic, but does, of course, make the possibility of war far more likely. To be fair, Democrats have often supported this very same foreign policy approach, especially in regard to the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But these days more and more Democrats, including those who run the White House, are, despite the ongoing catastrophe of drone warfare and the endless bombing in Iraq against ISIL, coming to understand that war must be avoided through diplomacy. So the Democrats are with their support of the administration’s Iran deal moving toward the more humane and less risky foreign policy of a true democracy.

2 Comments on “Democrats Step Up, Finally, on Iran Deal

  1. Will you Democrats really be so stupid as to filibuster the righteous condemnation of aiding terrorists on the anniversary of 9/11? Will you stand in solidarity with the comraded in arms of the murderers of 3k americans ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF THEIR MURDER? This must be opposed and stopped at any costs. I just praise God for Obama and the other parties being so dumb as to give the next president every legal and moral justification for ripping this act of treason to shreds. Praise God for the American heroes and freedom fighters in the Senate standing up to this treasonous president. It is emberassing the culture of treason created by this administration: we abandon our citizens and allies, but give aid and comfort to our enemies.


    • Thanks for the comment, Andrew.

      In response, I don’t see how preventing, or at least significantly delaying, Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon through diplomatic means is a betrayal of those Americans killed on 9/11. In my mind, it is not treason to seek alternatives to war.


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