Having hoodwinked Wisconsin, Gov. Walker takes his anti-union act on a national tour

“To achieve fairness and opportunity for American workers,” Republican presidential candidate Gov. Scott Walker is proposing today that, if elected president, he will try to further reduce the role of unions in protecting the rights and wages of American workers. It seems, according to Gov. Walker, that “the needs of special interests” have been placed “before needs of middle-class families,” and these special interests are not, as they have historically been, powerful corporations, Wall Street and very wealthy individuals but . . .  unions.

This latest Walker scheme to rally his candidacy may secure a few more votes of corporate executives, the conservative intelligentsia, Wall Street and wealthy Republican donors. Why American middle-class families, not to mention the poor, will support such “day is night” double-talk is hard to imagine, though turning teachers and public-employee unions into public enemies seemed to work in Wisconsin, at least before Walker abandoned the state for his political ambitions.

Since Republican candidate Donald Trump has cornered the market on immigrant-bashing, and all the other Republican candidates have blamed President Obama and the Affordable Care Act for everything else wrong with the state of the nation, Gov. Walker has apparently decided to be the biggest union-hater of the Republican bunch. Godspeed, governor. But if this anti-union thing doesn’t work for you, there are no doubt a few card-carrying Communists lurking around Washington, D.C.