And the very next day, the House Speaker resigns . . .

Perhaps inspired by a genuinely religious (that is, generally liberal) sermon, House Speaker John Boehner decided the next morning he had nothing more to say politically and told House Republicans and the nation yesterday that he is quitting and leaving Congress.

Boehner did not say, however, that he will take a vow of poverty to work among the poor in Calcutta or Cleveland or take to the streets and march for peace, or turn liberal activist to lobby his former colleagues for cuts in carbon emissions and the end of capital punishment in the name of Pope Francis and God.

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan called Boehner’s resignation “an act of pure selflessness” but what Boehner was facing was an act of utter mutiny and embarrassment– a vote to throw him out of the Speaker’s chair. In other words, John Boehner is no Mother Theresa. But maybe, just maybe, Boehner was moved enough by Pope Francis’s spirit of religious and political compassion to send a shocking message to the tea partying Trumpites who want to throw the poor, the foreign and the peaceable off the ship of state.

P.S.– And today Boehner, still in a religious mode, criticized the “false prophets” of his own party for being “unrealistic.” Michael Needham, head of Heritage Action for America, complains that some Republicans are treating the most conservative Republicans like “crazies.” Wonder where they got that idea?

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