“VOT_ for Republicans!”– An Issue Ad for Our Times [Satire]

We at the Wisconsin Institute for Insisting that Issue Ads are Not About Electing Anybody (WIII . . .) have teamed up with the Wisconsin Club for Circumventing Justice and the Wisconsin Supremely Conservative Court to bring you the following nonpartisan advertisement on the issue of campaign finance reform.

[An issue ad for William McKinley]
[An issue ad for William McKinley] “1900mck” by Unknown – Source: scanned from paper copy. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1900mck.jpg#/media/File:1900mck.jpg

                                                      VOT_  for Republicans!

Narrator: Are you tired of being forced by law to muzzle your money? Do you want the freedom to let politicians do the bidding of the highest bidder?

Answer: Yes!

N : Are you appalled that Wisconsin currently limits your ability to anonymously and unlimitedly defend your First Amendment right to overpower the voice of those less wealthy by giving to issue ad groups coordinating with political candidates?

A. : Absolutely!

N. :  Are you frustrated that such political money laundering is now considered a dirty business?

A. : You bet!

N. :  Are you disgusted by the witch-hunting, progressive implication that politicians and political viewpoints have a direct relationship to one another?

A. : Politicians don’t legislate issues!  Issues do!!!

N. : Then call the Wisconsin Democratic Party and tell them expressly to stop obstructing the issues of the Unnamed Majority.

(This message was paid for by None of Your Damned Business, the charitable subsidiary of Corporations Anonymous.)

P.S.– In case you are wondering, I made the whole post up. (Except for the McKinley poster.) — JK

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