Who’s afraid of the GOP?

To coin a phrase, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself and the Republican Party. Or at least those Republicans for whom foreign terrorists and Syrian refugees (and even Muslim-Americans in general) are now the scariest things on earth. That some Democrats are going along even with House legislation to “pause” compassion towards fleeing Syrians and a call for ever greater “war” on terrorists is sadly regrettable, but at least the “dem” in Democrats doesn’t stand for demagoguery.

We know, of course, that, statistically and rationally speaking, the threat to Americans from terrorism of any sort is extremely low, on par with being killed by an asteroid. An American is far more likely to be killed by an automobile or a fellow gun-toting American than by a foreign terrorist.

Donald Trump may be the most extreme of the Republican bunch, a guy even some conservatives say aloud is now in the realm of fascism, but the other leading Republican candidates for president are fearmongering and warmongering (usually the same thing) with gusto. Hawkish demagoguery is now de rigueur, as the French would say, (French and France are currently conservatively-correct) for Republican political leaders.

The thing we have most to fear as a nation these days is not terrorism or refugees but– a la Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Bush, etc.– allowing democracy and democratic values to be undermined by overwrought defenders of “liberty” (for some) and good old American imperialism.


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