The Pacific is Sickened by the AHCA

A group of deformed men force one of their own to vomit. See page for author. Wellcome Images. [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
By John Frederick Kaufman

In fact, The Pacific Editorial Committee, consisting solely of myself, is far more than “mildly nauseous” when it considers exactly what 217 adults, overwhelmingly white and male, just voted to do in the House of Representatives, to be known, until further notice, as the House of  a Slim Majority of Reprehensibles.

Reports of a GOP beer party to celebrate this legislative debacle are shocking in this regard: given the sympathy for the rich this bill displays, gallons of champagne would have been more appropriate. (Not only was it beer; it was reportedly Bud Lite. Classy.)

It is not true, however, that House Speaker Paul Ryan raised a pint of Bud Lite and toasted all the Americans who will likely lose healthcare or pay higher premiums by saying, “Let them drink beer!” By the way, for a $30.00 donation to the Republican Party, you will receive a pair of pint glasses upon which is written: “Tastes Like Freedom.” Well, if the AHCA is an example of freedom, GOP “freedom” beer leaves a really bad taste in the mouth. To be honest, drinking even a few sips might make you mildly nauseous.

But at least you will have, if the House GOP gets its way, the freedom to be ill. And should you be really, seriously sick, you may get the opportunity to experience the freedom of bankruptcy or death. And the money that would have gone to your healthcare will instead be returned to the wealthy in the form of tax breaks. Bottoms up.

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