Rumple Oxbridge: “Nuclear War Prayer?”

Peacekeeper in Silo, 1987 US DOD Public Domain

By Rumple Oxbridge, liberal lyricist

A Reverend says that God has stated
President Trump can blast to Hades

anyone Trump thinks is evil.
The Reverend points to the Bible

to prove that killing by a ruler
is fine if the other ruler’s crueler.

This sort of Anti-Christianity
preaches it’s wimpy and downright weak

not to “take out” your enemies,
pre-emptively turning other cheeks

into ashes. Forget about the meek
inheriting the earth; God speaks

a newer Testament, a Gospel of
“America First!” So much for love

for we are blessed
living in our God-gated address.

Still, something there is doesn’t love a wall.*
And something’s wrong when Reverends are reverent towards war.

*– see Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Wall”

(Also see this opinion post from the NY Times by an Episcopal priest, Steven Paulikas: “Only good theology can debunk bad theology. We must all engage in this work as if the future of this republic and its place in the peaceful order of the world depend on it — because they do.”)

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