Rumple Oxbridge: “Ode About Not Missing Statues of Racist Generals”

Robert E Lee statue at Lee Circle New Orleans being removed from atop the column. By Infrogmation of New Orleans (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons.

By Rumple Oxbridge, liberal lyricist

It’s sad to see, the president said,
knocking down our metal-molded

racist generals green with age.
Once such men were all the rage,

killing to keep owning slaves.
You gotta admit, they looked brave

on their green horses, on pedestals,
so “beautiful” were those generals

as all the monuments to war
obscuring what all war is for:

killing in the name of _______.
(Fill in whatever beautiful cause you approve of.)

Those Confederate generals will be missed
by mostly guys who think the South was dissed

by Abe Lincoln and abolitionists.
The rest of us don’t give a ______.

But I agree with Trump when he
said we can learn from history:

Racism and violence we should resist.
We need more monuments to pacifists.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Washington, D.C. Photo by John Frederick Kaufman. All rights reserved.
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