So North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has invited President Trump to meet with him to discuss, reports state, possibly doing away with the North’s nuclear weapons. This meeting will supposedly take place somewhere within two months.

Much can happen in two months for much seems to happen every day, every hour in the Trump White House, very little of it wholesome and comforting. So far, at least by 9:01pm Central Standard Time, Trump seems to be enthusiastic about the invitation: A leader who wants to talk to me! perhaps he’s thinking appreciatively.

We shall see just how long Trump’s love of diplomacy regarding North Korea will last. Letting Trump do the talking on this matter with a guy like Kim is considerably risky, but the alternative–war, nuclear or not– is a certain catastrophe.

So let’s give Kim and Trump some credit: Kim, for the bold invitation, and Trump for agreeing to go along. Perhaps they can play a little golf together, and, who knows. Trump may soon voice respect for yet another dictator. But talking beats bombing, any day.

(Photo credit: Peacekeeper in Silo, 1987 US DOD Public Domain)


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