If you want to save liberal democracy, the possibility of less war, the health of oceans and all things on earth that the oceans make possible (well, everything), the best thing you can do today, November 6th, is find a way to vote for the Democratic Party. 

President Trump and his Trumpublican Party have, to say the least, become, as Trump himself likes to say, “a disaster.”

Trump’s constant lying, his administration’s bigly corruption, Trump’s encouraging of white nationalism and stoking of violence, Trump’s verbal attacks against a free press, the coddling of Saudi Arabia, the scrapping of diplomacy with Iran, Trump’s attempts to undo climate and environmental regulations, Republican tax cuts for mostly the wealthy, misguided tariffs that hurt farmers — all add up to a rotten two years worth of federal governing.

Democrats have their flaws, of course– the party needs to embrace its liberal, help-the- little-guy roots and promote a peaceable foreign policy– but compared to the Trumpublicans, the Democrats are democratic, truth-telling, diversity/nature-loving saints.

Seen from space, the Earth is a very blue planet. Let’s vote today and make the #bluewave come true.



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