Dem Primary: “Look! A Billionaire vs. a Socialist!”

Democrats in 2019, to beat Trump in 2020: “Biden or Warren?”

Biden, according to polls, beats Trump by the largest margin, especially in crucial swing states. Warren, however, is more liberal, intellectual, younger, has excellent grasp of policy and many plans, appeals to women, would be our first female president. . . also competitive with Trump nationally.

Heart says Warren. Head says Biden.

A few mostly white Democrats in Iowa: “An angry, old socialist might be fun. Or maybe the young mayor of South Bend, Indiana!”

A few mostly white Democrats in New Hampshire: “Live socialist– or Trump!” “Mayor Pete is really sweet! And military!” “Amy is so Minnesota nice!”

Latest (2/18) NPR/PBS/Marist Democratic Primary National poll*, top four:

  • Sanders 31%
  • Bloomberg 19%
  • Biden 15%
  • Warren 12%

Media: “Look! A billionaire versus a socialist!”

Some Democrats: “Well, a racist, sexist billionaire ain’t so bad.” Other Democrats: “Bernie!” Un-Trumped Republicans & conservative Independents: “Any male but Bernie, please. Maybe Warren.”

In latest poll*, Biden still does best against Trump: 50 to 44 (+6) but Biden sinks in Dem primary polls.

#PresidentWarren trends high on Twitter. NY Times tries to find her.

Media: “It’s a battle: socialist vs. billionaire! (Elizabeth who?)”

South Carolina & Super Tuesday: “Uncle Joe”? Warren?

Wisconsin Primary: I vote for Warren

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