Warren is Back. Cheers!

After the media and Democratic voters of Iowa and New Hampshire sent Senator Elizabeth Warren out to get coffee for the cream of the Democratic Primary, the debate last night in Las Vegas proved that Warren the candidate came back with a glass of something stronger: feminist liquor.

Just a whiff of it sent Billionaire Bloomberg reeling. Buttigieg took a sip and gagged, while Bernie claimed he only drinks water (Perrier, of course). Uncle Joe put a drop in his coffee. Amy laughed, shook her head, and grabbed a toffee.

A toast to Liz! She’s back in biz.

Here’s how the NY Times summed up Warren’s bitchy brew:

From the first minutes of the Democratic debate, when she leapt into an exchange about general-election appeal and went forcefully after Michael R. Bloomberg’s record of sexist comments, Ms. Warren made two things clear: She would not be ignored, and she would not hide her anger, so often a liability for women in politics.

For awhile over the summer and fall, Warren the Wonk’s success as an alternative to “Uncle Joe” Biden in the polls led her to play it safe and dampen her more liberal, lacerating impulses. But Warren the Woman Scorned went to Sin City and let loose against everyone, even Sanders and her chum Klobuchar. But she especially took to task Billionaire Mike Bloomberg and his wealth-fueled campaign for president:

We all know that Senator Warren is a very smart and capable legislator with a distinguished record of anti-corruption leadership; she’s got excellent progressive credentials. But what the nation needs to see and hear from her is what none of the other male or female candidates can offer: a broadly feminist, compassionate critique of Trumpitarian ignorance, dishonesty and cruelty. Warren should speak for women, minorities, the oppressed everywhere with the wit and sympathy only she possesses. She can’t out-bellow Sanders or ride Obama’s coattails or be a young, gay, military man. But Warren can unite enough Democrats, Independents and female, suburban Republicans to beat Trump if she builds upon her great Las Vegas debate with an angry, witty, passionate campaign.

So bring the whiskey, Liz. Give it to ’em straight.

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