Now that Warren is Out, Vote Joe Biden Because He Cries in Public

Dear Readers, allow me to get a bit emotional about the upcoming election and the Democratic primary we are now in the midst of. It is the day after the celebration of International Women’s Day and not long after Sen. Elizabeth Warren officially ended her campaign to be the Democratic presidential nominee. What seemed to sink Warren’s hope to be our first female president was lack of support among many macho-inclined, white progressives and black and Latino voters. Sanders’ following among the young and the restless and Biden’s nostalgic, Obama-linked appeal could not be overcome by Warren’s academic intellect, thoughtful policy, legislative experience and humane wit.

Senator Elizabeth Warren

In other words, Warren was perceived by the vast majority of Democratic voters as being too female and too smart, thus too risky to run against Trump and the Electoral College, given what happened to Hillary Clinton. Had Warren’s campaign made it to the Wisconsin primary in April, I’d have voted for her; I think she was the best candidate and had a real shot at beating Trump. But given the trauma of these past few years under Trump/Republican rule, with the real threat that democracy as we have known it is disintegrating, the idea of President Joe Biden, however frail and fallible, is a comforting prospect, especially in light of many polls which suggest that he has all along had the highest level of electoral support nationally, and, most importantly, in most crucial swing states, like Michigan. (Wisconsin has so far been an exception in support of Sanders over Biden, but no poll of the state has been taken since Mar. 2, when Biden won big and the other serious contenders dropped out.)

So now Democrats are left to choose between two old white males because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is too young to run for president. AOC chose to endorse Bernie Sanders because he is considered more “radical” or “socialist” or progressively progressive, I guess, than Sen. Warren. Green New Deal! Medicare for All! Big Plan! Big Deal! Big Splash! I get it and certainly our democracy needs improving. But first let’s make sure we still got a democracy to improve. Warren is wonky and meticulous, a bit square, but still. Bernie had his chance back in 2016. A more gallant, chivalrous man would have, especially at his age, stepped aside to give Warren a shot. A pity that AOC did not see fit to make Warren a member of the Sister Squad.

Former Vice-President Joe Biden is, all things considered, the best old white male we got left to serve as president. Yes, Biden is the “safe” choice, but what’s wrong with a little status Joe after more than three years of status woe? Biden’s more mainstream liberality will likely help as the Democratic Party seeks to take back the Senate as well. Once Biden is in the White House and if the Dems own Congress, I’m pretty sure we won’t let Biden make the same mistake as Obama did in his first term: our government will be severely pressured to create a more perfect union.

Ok, enough rationality. If my logical prose has failed to convince you that Biden is better than Sanders, please note that Joe Biden is the sort of guy who has dealt with great personal grief and is not ashamed to empathize and weep in public. Does this quality make Biden more feminine and approachable and worthy of our sympathy and support than bellicose Bernie? It does. If we can’t have Liz Warren, let’s elect a president who emotes and cries.

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