They’re Having Problems Down in Florida: Satirical Poem

From the NY Times: “They’re having problems down in Florida,” Mr. Trump said in explaining his reasoning for potentially sealing off the metropolitan region. “A lot of New Yorkers going down, we don’t want that, heavily infected.” “I’d rather not do it,” he added. “But we may need it.”

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Trump wants to keep sick Yankees in New York   
Because he's not in New York anymore.   
Trump is mostly down in Florida   
And doesn't want it spoiled by Corona.   

They're having problems down in Florida. 
They gettin' corona blues from the New Yorkas. 

Not Corona, Queens-- coronavirus   
Carried by Manhattans seeking hiatus   
From the cold and from the lack of pizza  
And everything that lends the city pleasure.  

They're having problems down in Florida. 
They're catchin' corona blues from da New Yorkas.

 "Might as well be where it's warm and safe  
Now that the lights have gone out on Broadway."   
Oh, Trump, be glad they're headed down to see you!  
It's not corona. . .  They heard you got the blues.   

Oh, big problems soon to bloom in sunny Florida! 
They're startin' to get the blues at Mar-a-Laga.

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