Bernie is Out, So Biden is In, And Bernie Endorsed Biden, So Bernie is, like, SO OUT!

As alert readers no doubt are aware by now, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has dropped out of the race to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont

This leaves former Vice-President Joe Biden as the sole remaining Democratic candidate, a fact that many of Sanders’ supporters cannot quite seem to reconcile with. One poll taken in late March, before Sanders left the race, found that 15% of Sanders’ backers would vote for Trump instead of Biden. Hashtags of #BernieorBust and #NeverBiden have popped up on social media, and prominent Bernie-ites like journalist Glenn Greenwald and filmmaker Michael Moore seem more interested in undermining Biden for lack of progressive purity than removing the utterly unfit, anti-democratic Trump from office.

But yesterday Sanders gave a moving video endorsement of Biden, and the contest against Trump is on. Charles Pierce at Esquire summed it up eloquently:

And, in handling the endorsement with the speed and grace that he did, Sanders demonstrated that he’d learned from his biggest mistake in 2016—being late and tepid in his endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton. These are two old white dudes who like each other. And the issue is now firmly joined—ridding the country of this president* once and for all. That’s all that matters now.

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How the Bernie Bros (and female supporters of Sanders) handle Sanders’ traitorous endorsement of Biden remains to be seen. From what I’ve viewed on Twitter, maturity and nuance regarding Biden (and even the former hero, Sanders) from the fingers of disgruntled progressives is scarce. Hopefully, at least when it comes time to vote, they will respond as maturely and wisely as Bernie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Noam Chomsky have done.

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