Dear Democrats: A Letter for Peace in the Middle East

If the Democratic Party and its presidential nominee, Joe Biden, have a weak spot, it is their general fondness –since the debacle of the Vietnam War– for military solutions and support, including the selling of American weapons, of governments whose commitment to democracy and human rights leave much to be desired. So in the interest of guiding Biden towards a more peaceable, liberally enlightened foreign policy, a large group of peaceable organizations, both religious and secular, have banded together to compose a letter to the man they fervently hope and pray will be the next president of the United States.

The letter specifically addresses the ongoing conflict between the government of Israel and the Palestinian people and calls for a more just, democratic approach regarding U.S. and world influence on the actions of the Israeli government. Here below is part of the letter to Biden posted on the Code Pink website:

“U.S. foreign policy on Israel/Palestine should be rooted in the same values and principles that are supposed to guide U.S. policy throughout the rest of the world — respecting human rights and international law, promoting the peaceful resolution of conflicts, supporting diplomacy over military intervention, and utilizing multilateralism and multilateral institutions for dispute resolution. The United States should affirm the right of every human being to live with dignity, equality, freedom, and respect for human rights — and that should include Palestinians and Israelis.”

Individuals may also sign the letter via the Code Pink letter web page.

Of course, a hopefully President Biden and the Democratic Party should not limit their peaceable reform to the Israeli/Palestinian crisis, for there is much the U.S. can and should do regarding Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia to seek peace and demand democratic/human rights for all the people of the Middle East. Whether Biden can be moved to a more liberal foreign policy position than he has displayed previously will not be known until he actually is in the White House, but this letter and other peaceable pressure put on Biden now will certainly help.

A similar letter from the same groups on the same subject will also be sent to President Trump. Well, that is a polite, if useless, gesture.

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