“For if naive anti-intellectualism cannot be abolished, it can be fought, and the fight can be invigorating.”– from The House of Intellect by Jacques Barzun

“Tradition is living and active, but convention is passive and dead. Tradition does not form us automatically: we have to work to understand it. Convention is accepted passively, as a matter of routine. Therefore, convention easily becomes an evasion of reality.” –from No Man is an Island by Thomas Merton

The Pacific (one man’s musing) exists to defend liberalism, broadly and historically speaking, in all its democratic, literary and transcendental glory. Issues of human rights, free speech, foreign policy, nonviolence, poetry, political philosophy and ocean conservation are particularly of interest. All published work (and photographs in the sidebar) are by John Kaufman, unless otherwise indicated.

Kaufman is a poet, writer and teacher based in Wisconsin. Kaufman’s work has appeared in The Progressive, Milwaukee Magazine, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Capital Times, Long Island Quarterly, Kentucky Poetry Review, Education Week, and elsewhere.