Because no one will pay to build His WALL–
Not Mexico, not Congress, not even the Wall

Street Journal or Faux News, not anyone
The PRESIDENT will send soldiers with guns

To make sure Mexico does not invade.
Nat. Guard will guard the desert (without shade)

As long as Trump proclaims that they will stand
On rattlesnakes and in the Rio Grande.

And who will pay to build this Human Wall?
We humans who don’t need this wall at all.

If Trump banishes Mueller will Republicans banish him?
Offhand I’d say the odds are much skinnier than slim.

It’s going to take some form of electoral disobedience
To evict a president who demands we pledge allegiance

To him, to him, to him, to him, to him, to him–to Him!
(“Fake news” if he should lose, for truth is but his whim:

He may have to be escorted out of the White Residence.)
Democracy will fire Trump–the King of the expedient.

Within the White House the forecast is “Stormy.”
But the president swears that NOTHING porny

Ever happened with that woman hushed
With money that had NOTHING to do with slush.

Lawyers pay off porn stars all the time
Right before elections . . . with their own dime

Without the knowledge of the one was horny,
Don’t they?  No fury like a woman named Stormy.