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Did Trump Dump Sec. of State Tillerson to Make Diplomacy and Human Rights Even Weaker Again?

(Much to say today in a small way, which reminds me of the poems I am not writing, a sacrifice I make in the interests of public service. Time to come to the aid of the country, etc.) President Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson today via Twitter; if the Russians ever hack into Trump’s Twitter account . . . Or perhaps they … Read More Did Trump Dump Sec. of State Tillerson to Make Diplomacy and Human Rights Even Weaker Again?

Reality: Airstrikes are killing civilians

What price war? In Syria and Iraq, U.S. coalition airstrikes will inevitability kill some innocent people, including children. This fact is apparently not enough to prevent democracies from dropping bombs and missiles from aircraft. We have known since the glory days of aerial bombardment during World War II that the killing of civilians in war has been justified for the sake of military success. Intentionally targeting large … Read More Reality: Airstrikes are killing civilians


In Guns We Trust, Again and Again

Surely it’s time to refute the great American myth our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. so believe in: an armed citizenry and war abroad will protect us from criminal and terrorist violence.  There is a sort of mass mental incongruity going on, a splitting of the political brain in which the epidemic of “mass shootings” is deplored and denounced but ignored while generally bipartisan calls for real action (more war) elsewhere in the … Read More In Guns We Trust, Again and Again

Who’s afraid of the GOP?

To coin a phrase, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself and the Republican Party. Or at least those Republicans for whom foreign terrorists and Syrian refugees (and even Muslim-Americans in general) are now the scariest things on earth. That some Democrats are going along even with House legislation to “pause” compassion towards fleeing Syrians and a call for ever greater “war” on terrorists is sadly regrettable, … Read More Who’s afraid of the GOP?

After Paris terrorist attack, it’s either war or “appeasement” many say

Arguing against military retaliation/intervention is not appeasement or surrender; it is an attempt to limit violence everywhere . . .