Couplets: “It Was a Dark and STORMY Day”

Within the White House the forecast is "Stormy." But the president swears that NOTHING porny Ever happened with that woman hushed With money that had NOTHING to do with slush. Lawyers pay off porn stars all the time Right before elections . . . with their own dime Without the knowledge of the one was…

Rumple Oxbridge: “Twitter Totter”

By Rumple Oxbridge, liberal lyricist I'll say this much for Twitter: It's Tr------p's Achilles' Heel. Eventually he'll tweet something so far beyond the pale, almost every Republican will admit the news is real. They will stand before a mic to boldly, angrily reveal--- "Hillary hacked the president with a scandalous e-mail!" For evidence they will…

“There Is”

  There Is by John Kaufman   There is injustice . . . There is tragedy . . . And there is a woman utterly frank laughing as she unbuttons her blouse. And there is an ocean far to the west where whales and sea otters dine lying down.

American Life in Poetry Column 498 by Ted Kooser

  Welcome to American Life in Poetry. For information on permissions and usage, or to download a PDF version of the column, visit ****************************** American Life in Poetry: Column 498 BY TED KOOSER, U.S. POET LAUREATE   Here’s a lovely poem for this lovely month, by Robert Haight, who lives in Michigan.   Early…

For Earth Day: “Beauty and Truth”

Beauty and Truth   Windows let in spring's bare light, the early drab before leaf and petal glamorize the season. I must refrain from reason now-- this art a beautiful indirection that gets somewhere somehow, that lets virtue bloom, crocuses gaudily there. To be moved by presence made excessive, a thing come true. John Kaufman