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Couplets: “It Was a Dark and STORMY Day”

Within the White House the forecast is “Stormy.” But the president swears that NOTHING porny Ever happened with that woman hushed With money that had NOTHING to do with slush. Lawyers pay off porn stars all the time Right before elections . . . with their own dime Without the knowledge of the one was horny, Don’t they?  No fury like a woman named … Read More Couplets: “It Was a Dark and STORMY Day”


Rumple Oxbridge: “Twitter Totter”

By Rumple Oxbridge, liberal lyricist I’ll say this much for Twitter: It’s Tr——p’s Achilles’ Heel. Eventually he’ll tweet something so far beyond the pale, almost every Republican will admit the news is real. They will stand before a mic to boldly, angrily reveal— “Hillary hacked the president with a scandalous e-mail!” For evidence they will point to a tweet from you know who.


William Blake: “Auguries of Innocence”

[JFK: An augury is an omen and this is a political poem because . . . today is Blake’s birthday and the poem details connections, relationships ecological and human we too often, especially in the halls of power, fail to acknowledge. The first four lines are famous but we often neglect the rest of this poem of transcendental justice.  Thanks to the Poetry Foundation … Read More William Blake: “Auguries of Innocence”


April: Poetry & Mud

A poet in a bad mood can ruin a reputation, as T.S. Eliot did for April when he called it “the cruellest month”, adding an extra letter l for emphasis. I prefer what Robert Frost had to say about April in is his poem “Two Tramps in Mud Time.” Mud time is what rural people in New England used to call early spring, that time of … Read More April: Poetry & Mud

“The Poem to End All Cruelty”

The Poem to End All Cruelty For many years she wanted to write a poem To end all cruelty. But always she failed to start Or finish because she thought: Who am I To try to change what many holy people Failed to do? And how could one poem Accomplish what entire books Said to be written by God or saints or prophets Had … Read More “The Poem to End All Cruelty”

“A Banished Sound”

A Banished Sound by John Kaufman   Banishment has this benefit: Art becomes your argument. You’re free To dabble in the resistance of language, Rebel in babble, decorate the walls With something human that will last or have To be furiously, futilely erased. Exhausting to elaborate the facts, Explain thisness of this, thatness of that To people who put on power like a hat … Read More “A Banished Sound”

“There Is”

  There Is by John Kaufman   There is injustice . . . There is tragedy . . . And there is a woman utterly frank laughing as she unbuttons her blouse. And there is an ocean far to the west where whales and sea otters dine lying down.