John Bolton’s Wars (a poem)

If Rudy* is a “hand grenade”*Why did Bolton* send his aideTo disarm the whole charadeWhile Bolton lounges in the shade? Well, that is how his wars are made:From the safety of Bolton's brain. Note: *Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of NYC serving as President Trump's personal attorney and covert diplomat in Ukraine. *John Bolton was the … Continue reading John Bolton’s Wars (a poem)

Rumple Oxbridge: “House GOP Prayer to Cut Health Care”

By Rumple Oxbridge, liberal rhymer Dear Lord on this National Day of Prayer help us give freedom from health care. Too long the wealthy have been bothered keeping their sisters and their brothers alive and healthy with their taxes. Dear Lord, help us swing our axes to sever the chains that bind the rich to Christian charity that … Continue reading Rumple Oxbridge: “House GOP Prayer to Cut Health Care”