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Ocean Plastic Pollution: Trump administration has its head stuck in a (plastic) bottle

You may have missed the news (as I did) that back in June, when the G-7 group of nations met in Canada, the United States, led by the Trump administration, opted not to sign a joint declaration to address the critical problem of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. Known as the “Ocean Plastics Charter”, it was signed at the G-7 summit by Canada, … Read More Ocean Plastic Pollution: Trump administration has its head stuck in a (plastic) bottle

Pacific Environment

Here’s a conservation organization you may not have heard of. Pacific Environment works around the Pacific Rim to benefit both local ocean habitats and coastal communities that depend on them. This nature and people mission strikes me as the most wholistic and useful sort of conservation work.

The Pacific Has Returned

The Pacific has returned (it seems to come and go like the tide) to the digital realm and intends to stick around. It will now be known as an “oceanic journal of criticism,” addressing peaceable politics,  literature, culture broadly-speaking (including the fine arts), as well as topics relating to marine environmentalism in general and the Pacific Northwest coast in particular. This personal journal will … Read More The Pacific Has Returned


Couplets: “The Human Wall”

Because no one will pay to build His WALL– Not Mexico, not Congress, not even the Wall Street Journal or Faux News, not anyone— The PRESIDENT will send soldiers with guns To make sure Mexico does not invade. Nat. Guard will guard the desert (without shade) As long as Trump proclaims that they will stand On rattlesnakes and in the Rio Grande. And who will … Read More Couplets: “The Human Wall”


Couplets for Justice

By John Frederick Kaufman   In honor of World Poetry Day Couplets for those who don’t betray The verse of stars, the vow of stones And meet the sinking sun alone– As if a cell can bar a soul … As if a whale can hide the whole. (Photo: Of Pieter Lastman, “Jonah and the Whale”, 1621 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)