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“We Need a New Song”: A New Book on the Old Story of Misogyny and War

“If the moments sometimes clash awkwardly with the more classical sections of prose, they also force readers to compare the misogyny of ancient Greece with the misogyny of the present.” —Sophie Gilbert review of The Silence of the Girls by novelist Pat Barker There is no doubt that women and girls have been–and, as recent events show, continue to be– the victims of a … Read More “We Need a New Song”: A New Book on the Old Story of Misogyny and War


Three Poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Here are three poems by a neglected (some would say deservedly so) Wisconsin born and raised American poet– Ella Wheeler Wilcox, whose late 19th and early 20th Century verse is full of rhyme and meter and “sentimental” Victorian optimism, the very thing the Modernists rebelled against. And yet many of her poems have a witty, whimsical forthrightness about them. Even the strident activism of … Read More Three Poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox


Much Ado About Legs and “Leggings”

    Americans are today up in arms about legs. Specifically, whether or not it is appropriate for girls/women to wear tight-fitting “leggings” or yoga pants when flying on airplanes. Until now this has not been a major issue on the national scene because so far the Trump administration has not issued any travel bans against legging-wearing women, unless of course the woman is a Muslim from … Read More Much Ado About Legs and “Leggings”


The War On Hillary’s Ovaries

(Photo by U.S Government [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2010. Photo taken at the State Department, in Washington, D.C.) By John Kaufman Though famed for its politically progressive tradition, Wisconsin does produce some notorious conservatives, colorful figures who draw the attention of the nation. Gov. Walker is a rather bland guy (bland but unintimidated by what he doesn’t understand) … Read More The War On Hillary’s Ovaries


Rumple Oxbridge: “Breasting Men”

By Rumple Oxbridge (The Pacific’s purely imaginary in-house rhymer) Breasting Men To get it off their chests some women bare their breasts. But looking so arresting can get them arrested because it’s men they’re breasting. [A verb form of breast means to oppose or fight against. Thus the final (and title) pun.]–JK

(Speaking of Witch Hunts . . . ) Candidate Mary Burke Endures the Trial of the Trail

Though the real news was that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke had just been endorsed by the largest police union in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s online headline said, “Mary Burke stumbles when asked to define plagiarism”. As if the shock of the question caused her to lose her balance, thus betraying her pact with the devil. Or was the headline suggesting that Burke … Read More (Speaking of Witch Hunts . . . ) Candidate Mary Burke Endures the Trial of the Trail

More Dubious Republican Advice for Women

If you’re a woman, you should watch what you say (no tantrums, please) and feel free to take charge of your own libido, according to Republicans near and far. Here in Wisconsin, Milwaukee Democratic Assemblywoman Christine Sinicki went to Facebook during Gov. Walker’s “state of the state” speech to voice her opinion: “This speech is so full of shit [or sh** as the Journal Sentinel … Read More More Dubious Republican Advice for Women