American Life in Poetry Column 498 by Ted Kooser

  Welcome to American Life in Poetry. For information on permissions and usage, or to download a PDF version of the column, visit ****************************** American Life in Poetry: Column 498 BY TED KOOSER, U.S. POET LAUREATE   Here’s a lovely poem for this lovely month, by Robert Haight, who lives in Michigan.   Early … Continue reading American Life in Poetry Column 498 by Ted Kooser

Celebrating World Shorebirds Day

As someone who likes to saunter and sit along shores, I was pleased to learn via Oceana that tomorrow, Sept. 6th, has been declared World Shorebirds Day, a celebration which includes a global shorebird count. The group that created the day was founded by a Hungarian bird conservationist named Gyorgy Szimuly, and the website can be … Continue reading Celebrating World Shorebirds Day