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Via Common Dreams: “Kucinich: Weary Nation ‘Must Not Cede to Forces of Destruction’ “

Catching up with Dennis Kucinich via Common Dreams: Kucinich: Weary Nation ‘Must Not Cede to Forces of Destruction’.

Wisconsin’s PSC Rebrands Itself

  The Wisconsin Public Service Commission was an early Progressive era idea created to regulate greedy railroads and, later, the monopoly utilities. Wisconsin was the first state to develop this sort of regulatory body, but today the Wisconsin PSC seems to be operating nearly exactly backwards. Call it instead the CSP: Conniving in Shareholder Prosperity. On Friday the CSP (PSC) gathered in Madison to announce its thoughts regarding WE Energies’ suggestion that the Commission allow it to raise the … Read More Wisconsin’s PSC Rebrands Itself

Dear Democrats

Having little left to lose does provide some comfort, for we now know that Democratic “centrism” (which passes these days as liberalism) has failed to inspire and defend the people most in need of political support: the young, the rural, the urban poor, the middle class, minorities and women. That so many blue-collar and rural Americans, especially men, now believe that the corporate-created and funded faux-populism of the new Republican libertarianism represents … Read More Dear Democrats

It’s Gov. Walker vs. Madison (and Himself)

If you think Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is running for reelection against Democratic challenger Mary Burke, you may be among those Wisconsin voters who “might not be as sharp as a knife.”  Yesterday we learned that Walker is really running against the mad liberals of Madison. Here’s what Gov. Walker said in the City of Pewaukee, where he apparently assumes no angry liberals lurk:  “There are a lot of people … Read More It’s Gov. Walker vs. Madison (and Himself)

(Speaking of Witch Hunts . . . ) Candidate Mary Burke Endures the Trial of the Trail

Though the real news was that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke had just been endorsed by the largest police union in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s online headline said, “Mary Burke stumbles when asked to define plagiarism”. As if the shock of the question caused her to lose her balance, thus betraying her pact with the devil. Or was the headline suggesting that Burke … Read More (Speaking of Witch Hunts . . . ) Candidate Mary Burke Endures the Trial of the Trail


Anti-War Democrats Begin to Emerge

It turns out there is a slight anti-war reaction emerging in the Democratic Party, for 85 House Democrats said “no, thanks” to President Obama’s request for a formal authorization to train and arm the “good” Syrian rebels in the fight against the Syrian rebels/terrorists,  known as ISIS. Given the political risks involved for opposing their fellow Democrat and president so near to the mid-term elections, this vote was … Read More Anti-War Democrats Begin to Emerge

Sharing Some Intellectual Property

Sometimes property can get too intellectual, if you know what I mean. According to Wisconsin’s lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, one  of the state’s rising industries is something called “agricultural tourism.” Says Kleefisch, “Visitors from all over the world are coming to Wisconsin to view our advanced agricultural operations, to learn more about our hybrid biotech seeds, to tour our ginseng farms.” Just who these visitors are … Read More Sharing Some Intellectual Property