Debate in Wisconsin? Let’s talk about Patriotgate

One question not heard at last night's Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee was anything about what we might call "Patriotgate." This has nothing to do with deflated footballs but does include the New England Patriots, as well as the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers and the UW-Madison Badgers. A report released last week by Arizona Senators Jeff Flake and … Continue reading Debate in Wisconsin? Let’s talk about Patriotgate

“Killing Blindly in the Endless War” by Kathy Kelly

"These are people who had been working hard for months, non-stop for the past week. They had not gone home, they had not seen their families, they had just been working in the hospital to help people... and now they are dead. These people are friends, close friends. I have no words to express this. … Continue reading “Killing Blindly in the Endless War” by Kathy Kelly

More perpetual war: Afghanistan again

Speaking of perpetual war, the NY Times is reporting that the U.S. war in Afghanistan, which, despite a major withdrawal of troops, was never entirely over, has erupted again as the U.S. launched airstrikes and deployed Special Forces troops after the Taliban captured the city of Kunduz. Though the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan was, after much … Continue reading More perpetual war: Afghanistan again

War as Spectator Sport I was struck yesterday by this BBC-tweeted photograph of people on the border between Turkey and Syria watching the fighting for the Syrian city of Kobane. Because of the topography of the area and the proximity of the border, one can sit on a hill in Turkey overlooking the city and watch the battle in Syria raging below. … Continue reading War as Spectator Sport

U.S. Bombing of Syria Begins (and so do civilian casualties)

Claiming that the United States already has the legal authority under both U.S. and U.N. law, President Obama notified Congress that he has ordered  more airstrikes in Iraq and, for the first time, dropped bombs and fired missiles into Syria against ISIS and another terrorist group. We will have to wait for Congress to return … Continue reading U.S. Bombing of Syria Begins (and so do civilian casualties)

Anti-War Democrats Begin to Emerge

It turns out there is a slight anti-war reaction emerging in the Democratic Party, for 85 House Democrats said "no, thanks" to President Obama's request for a formal authorization to train and arm the "good" Syrian rebels in the fight against the Syrian rebels/terrorists,  known as ISIS. Given the political risks involved for opposing their fellow Democrat and president … Continue reading Anti-War Democrats Begin to Emerge

Opposing More U.S. War in Iraq, Middle East and Ukraine

I'm breaking my summer silence once again to declare, for what it's worth, my strong opposition-- to the United States' new bombing campaign in Iraq, the return of military hostilities between Hamas and Israel, and the ongoing war in Ukraine which is increasing the likelihood that Putin will order Russian troops to invade Ukraine, possibly … Continue reading Opposing More U.S. War in Iraq, Middle East and Ukraine